Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome (my mission)

Hello, I created this blog to have some were to post while I'm working on building my own blogging solution, I like to have complete control of how my content is show, interacted with and stored. I currently am in the works of building my own site that will let me not only publish my projects, what I'm doing, my personal thoughts, but also be able to create my own digital place on the web, more then just the normal blogging experience. I have work on web design for years and have grown to like to have control of every aspect of a web site, witch is why traditional blogging or social networking sites are to watered down for me, i want to be able to customize every aspect and having my own personal site allows me that freedom. So here i am at the start of this mission and i have created this blog to have a place to share and contribute my thoughts and ideas while I'm working on various other projects.

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