Friday, March 30, 2012

Working Together

Hey everyone, Ive been thinking of maybe creating a friends page that i can share blogs i like and help out my fellow bloggers by creating a network of us individual bloggers.Anyone with any suggestions or anything at all leave me a comment and let me know what you all think.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Law VS. Technology

In today's fast past world technology is part of are everyday life, and that has become a problem to lawmakers and has changed how we interpret old laws that were put in place before technology was so main stream.  I came across information about Netflix, and Facebook, and with the popularity of both services why has there been no app that combines the two services.  And that all has to do with a very old law from the 1980's the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA).  This has to do with video service providers, disclosing its customers personally identifiable information.  Under VPPA the customer must provide written consent for any information to be shared publicly.  But Netflix has been able to make the system work for them,  were there largest rival Hulu now has a Facebook app.  It is unclear how they were able to get past VPPA but it could end up being a major blow to Netflix.  Were this is just one case of a company trying to progress into markets that are still new to having this level of information being stored and shared and how are future legislator's interpret cases like this will effect how connected are daily life's will be.

What Will 2013 Bring Us

 I must say the brand new 2013 mustang makes me wish I would have waited and not gotten the 2011 5.0, I would have to say i love my car, but the new dash and controls would make it that much better, along with the hid headlights.  Definitely wouldn't trade my car in yet, but the new toys would make the car a whole lot more fun.

Never Time To Sleep

The city that never sleeps.

What Are Ad's To The Everyday User?

When ever you go to any of your favorite sites, you are going to end up seeing ad's of some kind to help whoever is providing that service to you to pay for there overhead.  Now I know that most people do not like to see pages filled with ad's,  but if the layout and placement of the ad's is well thought out the everyday user will not be distracted from the sites true message because of ad's and this is what i think the best way to show ad's on your websites should be, they should not stick out and block your user from browsing your site but still in a position that will get them viewed and give your users a chance to check them out if there interested, but it should be clean and unobtrusive.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome (my mission)

Hello, I created this blog to have some were to post while I'm working on building my own blogging solution, I like to have complete control of how my content is show, interacted with and stored. I currently am in the works of building my own site that will let me not only publish my projects, what I'm doing, my personal thoughts, but also be able to create my own digital place on the web, more then just the normal blogging experience. I have work on web design for years and have grown to like to have control of every aspect of a web site, witch is why traditional blogging or social networking sites are to watered down for me, i want to be able to customize every aspect and having my own personal site allows me that freedom. So here i am at the start of this mission and i have created this blog to have a place to share and contribute my thoughts and ideas while I'm working on various other projects.